Pelling West Sikkim

Pelling - West Sikkim

 In the early 90’s, Pelling used to be a small village surrounded by dense forests and frequented by wildlife. The beauty of the place has made Pelling one of the most attractive tourist destinations not only in Sikkim but in the entire Eastern Himalaya. 

Owing to its serene environment; lush alpine greenery, waterfalls and challenging trails, it is a favorite place both for leisure holidays and adventure tours like hiking or trekking.

The scenic drive around Pelling brings you face to face with beautiful valleys of rice and tea plantations made by the Lepcha people. It also offers a great view of the snow clad mountains of Kanchenjunga and the Himalayan Range.

Parched atop a mountain ridge at a altitude of 6800ft Pelling is primarily known for its grand view of the Mt. Kanchenjunga and its surrounding Himalayan mountain range. Pelling also has special significance in terms of history of Sikkim and its Buddhist culture. 

Pelling is located on a ridge of mountain. On one side of the ridge you have the Pemayangtse Monastery, on the other side you have Sangacholing. Both this monasteries make for nice walk through the forests. The historically significant Rhabadantse ruins are also on the same ridge. 

Primarily Pelling attracts the leisure travelers traveling through the now famous, Darjeeling – Pelling – Gangtok route. But the destination is attractive for special interest tours such as Monastic Tours, Mountain Biking tours, Treks, Village tourism etc. 

Pelling is a beautiful small town located in the West Sikkim district and one of the most traveled places in the state. Located at a distance of 115 km from Gangtok and about 135 km from Siliguri, it is also well connected to Jorethang, Kalimpong and Namchi.


During the high season summer months, temperature at Pelling normally vary between 16 - 23 degree centigrade. During winter months the temperature may occasionally go down to freezing levels as well. Light woolens during summer months and heavy woolen during winter months are suggested for tourists. The rainy season lasts between the months of July and September, but the rain god has special favour for this destination and an umbrella any time of the year might come handy. 

Places of Interest around Pelling

Pemayangtse Monastery – It is the second oldest monastery in Sikkim that was built in 1705 but still retains its ancient glory. The monastery belongs to the Nyingma-pa sect of Buddhist followers and preserves a collection of ancient wall paintings and sculptures. There is also a magnificent sculpture of the Zangtopelri on the top floor of the three storied building – a must see for all visitors.

Khechepalri Lake – It is a beautiful lake located 27 km from Pelling; revered as a sacred lake by the people of Sikkim. This placid and peaceful green tinted lake is hidden among thick forests and is a great place to relax and refresh oneself. 

Sangachoeling Monastery – It is located only 4 km from Pelling and one of the oldest monasteries or gompas in Sikkim. It was built by Lhatsun Chenpo of the Nyingma-pa sect. 

Sangay Waterfall – This beautiful waterfall is located 10 km from Pelling.