Lachung travel information

Lachung - On your way to Yumthang valley

 At an altitude of 8610 feet, Lachung is one of the northern most villages in Sikkim. The small sleepy village has woken up only recently to cater to the exceeding interest of tourists about its natural beauty. The Joseph Dalton Hooker in his definitive, The Himalayan Journal (1855) described Lachung as the `most picturesque village of Sikkim`.

The place is about 140 km from Gangtok and the road to Lachung passes through some of the most difficult terrains. It may take you as long as 7-8 hours to travel this distance. The difficulty of passing through the rough terrain is surpassed by the beauty of the surrounding mountains and deep gorges. As you reach Lachung at the end of a days journey, you will be awed by the beauty of the valley and the majestic mountains all around you.

Miscellaneous :

Most of the accommodation available at Lachung are basic. Maintaining tourism infrastructure so far in the hills is not an easy task. Basic tourist service can be ensured but do not expect the luxury you would expect in major tourist destinations. Also the cost at Lachung can hardly be compared with better connected places.

There is restriction on visiting North Sikkim, special permits are needed for both Indian as well as foreign tourists to visit North Sikkim including Lachung. naturebeyond takes care of the permit issues for its guests.

Places of Interest around Lachung

Most visitors come to Lachung on their way to Yumthang, the valley of flowers. Lachung is the base from where you will visit Yumthang, just 40 kms and an hour’s drive away.

Lachung by itself deserves your attention with its monastery (just a few minutes walk from the village), surrounding views and the peace loving local people called Lachungpa. There is a small stream passing through Lachung known as Lachung chu. The Lachung chu and Lachen chu (originating at a place called Lachen) meets at Chungthung to form river Teesta, the lifeline of Sikkim Darjeeling Hills.